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Silver Mountain's ambition is to expand its branches to all seven provinces. We have our branches located in Pokhara, Nepalgunj & Bardibas

Silver Mountain School of Hotel Management in partnership with Soaltee Hotel Pvt. Ltd has opened a Vocational School in Soaltee Westend Premier, Nepalgunj. The main objective of this school is to enhance the students who have completed the highest level of secondary education by developing the professional knowledge and skills required for the practice of a profession and evaluate the students education level for them to become competitive professionals in the future for the gentle adjustment to the changes in the productive procedures. We are mainly focused for the students from the western part of Nepal with the aim of providing them with better practical education. We have vocational schools at Pokhara & Bardibas

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Silver Mountain School of Hotel Management in partnership with Soaltee Hotel Pvt. Ltd has opened a Vocational School in Soalteewestend Premier, Nepalgunj.

We offer following courses:


Cooking or cookery is an art, technology, science and craft of preparing food for consumption. The Culinary arts in The Hotel School are designed for those students who want to pursue an exciting career in cooking and food preparation industry. This course alongside the menus develops your proficiency and professionalism in food production of world class standards. Specialization of cooking depends upon the skill levels and trainings of those students who gain them with their practical and with their internships. Here at The Hotel School, we provide the cookery class of One, Three, Six and Nine months with certifications from The Hotel School and AHA (American Hospitality Academy, USA).


A bakery is an establishment that produces and sells varieties of flour-based food baked in an oven such as yeast bread, quick breads, sponges, fillings and frostings, cakes and pastries, and pies and tarts with addition of variety of Western and Indian desserts. Upon completion of course, students would be able to bake and prepare different bakery products and open their own bakery, cafes and coffee shops, dessert lounges and chocolate stations or even work in a renowned 4 or 5-star properties. We provide the bakery class from world class bakers who are in this business for more than 50 years of cumulative experience. The courses are of one & three-months with certification.

Waiter/Waitress Training

Waiter/Waitress is also known as food and beverage server, who delivers a quality service to their guest while working at restaurants, bars or in any events. This course is prepared to train all the individuals who are eager to learn about the different styles of service techniques and perform them in the service industry when required without any difficulties.

Coffee Barista

Coffee is a hot beverage brewed from roasted coffee beans and served to the desire & need of customers in various forms. Barista is an expert who prepares and serves espresso-based coffee drinks to their customers. This course will enhance the knowledge about the coffee, Coffee history, industry and various forms of preparation, arts and serving techniques.

Personality Development

Personality development is considered as the study of an individual differences in behavior-how individuals behave differently from one another in various situations.

Dining Etiquette

Dining etiquette or table manners are the rules used while eating, which also includes the holding of utensils. Dining etiquette may vary from country to country. This course main objective is to provide knowledge to the students with the table manners and utensils using techniques that are being followed around in the globe.

House Keeping

Housekeeping department is the heart of any hospitality industry that provides clean, comfortable ad restful stay for all guests. Although housekeepers are invisible to most of the guests, it’s the housekeeping department that ensures to maintain the high standard in cleanliness and puts a positive impact of the organization.

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