Lainchour, Kathmandu, Nepal
Silver Mountain


Baclelor in International Culinary Arts, also known as BICA, is a four year degree program, in affiliation with Queen Margaret UniversityUK. The course is specially designed for students who want to specialize in food production.

It is a four year program with eight semesters, where six semesters will be conducted at Silver Mountain’s state of the art facilities at Lainchour. For the remaining two semesters (fifth and eighth), students conduct their internship at luxury hotels in Nepal or internationally.

Silver Mountain also boasts of special career counseling unit for the students. With international certified career coach in house, we assist students for job placements after completion of courses and programs as well. This adds value to their whole learning experience.

  • Free Internship
  • No Hidden Cost
  • 100% Internship Placement
  • A Truly 100% Academic Course
  • Rs. 8,46,000 for 4 Years British Bachelor Degree
  • State of art kitchen and facilities, with courses taught by industry