Lainchour, Kathmandu, Nepal

Short Term Courses

Students will learn basic culinary skills to prepare food. The importance is on perfecting basic cutting skills, recipe utilization, cooking methods, food safety.
F&B Service
Students are trained in the service methods and learn everything from setting tables to seating guests, to taking orders, to serving drinks, serving plates of food, clearing tables and billing.
Dining Etiquette
In this course, students will learn the essentials of appropriate dining skills and manners
Barista Training
Our coffee skill-developing courses give opportunities for attendees to understand the world of
A bakery is an establishment that produces and sells varieties of flour-based food baked in an oven such as yeast bread
House Keeping
We offer housekeeping session in order to prepare student for basic entry level in hospitality industry.
Front Office
We offer basic front office training, it includes telephone etiquette, check in / check out procedure, reservation entry and complain handling.
Food Safety/Hygiene Training
As Hospitality industry is evolving as fastest growing industry so as
Kids Cooking
Concept behind this module is to provide basic introduction of the kitchen to the children and be able to cook without using fire.
Bartending Course
Students are also trained in basic bartending skills. You will learn how to set up a bar for service, take drink orders and then prepare and serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, including Cocktails.
Wine Appreciation
The course provides basic yet critical skills to wine appreciation and wine evaluation. A selection of wines will be deployed for tasting and illustration purposes throughout the course.