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In order to prepare student ready for entry level position, we have introduce various level of culinary courses. We have partnership with American Hospitality Academy, AHA which provides the curriculum and certification for all culinary courses. We are also skill test centre for CTEVT. After course completion student get awarded with AHA certificate while CTEVT certification would be optional.

- 1 Month Culinary Course

This course if focused on the basics and essential components of the kitchen. It aims to make students ready for further culinary or advanced diploma course. This focuses on theory as we talk about food safety and hygiene in detail along with a few practical classes based on cooking basics as well. This course covers:

  • Introduction to Kitchen
    • Types of Kitchen
    • Duties and Responsibilities of Kitchen Staff
    • Position and Duties
    • Basic Knife Skills
    • Basic Cuts
  • Methods of Cookery
    • Aims and objectives of cooking food:
      • Cooking Methods
      • Cooking Terms
  • Basic Hygiene and HACCP Principles
    • Food Safety
    • Personal Hygiene
    • Clothing
    • The Food
    • Danger Zone
    • Serving Food Safely
    • Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points
    • Fire Safety
    • Drugs and Alcohol
    • Effective Pest Control Management Program

- 3 Months Culinary Course

This course covers on the knowledge of food and ingredients. As the course advances, the student will focus on creating menus and not following a recipe; the students aim to become a Chef, while the practical will include Indian, Asian and Western menu as well. Students cover all of the 1 Month Courses with the addition of the following:

  • Food Commodities
    • Vegetables
    • Dairy and Beverages
    • Milk and Cream
    • Butter
    • Margarine
    • Oils
    • Lard
    • Cheese
    • Fats
    • Legumes, Grains, Pasta, and Other Starches
    • Dried Legumes
    • Cooking Legumes
    • Sugars

- 6 Months Culinary Course

Beside intense practical session and food production, this advance course focus in kitchen management, costing and hygiene programs as you are ready to enter in real environment. More complicated menus and more complicated ingredients and flavor to work with along with new cooking techniques. The theory will cover the Foundation of Western cuisine in detail while the practical will still cover a more complex Asian, Indian and Western Cuisine. Student cover all the 3 months course with the addition of the following:

  • Poultry and Game Birds
  • Meat and Game
  • Fish
  • Shellfish
  • Eggs
  • Cooking Methods
  • Leaving Agents

Foundation of Western Cuisine
  • Stock
    • Culinary Terms Associated with Stock
    • Principle Steps during Preparation of Stock
    • Type of stocks
    • Faults in stock production
  • The Mother Sauces and derivatives
  • Soup
  • Salads
    • Salad Dressing
    • Ingredients
    • Flavoring
    • Emulsions in Salad Dressings
    • Lettuce and Other Salad Greens

- 9 Months Culinary Course (6 Months Culinary Course with 3 Months Internship)

With successful completion of the 6 Month Culinary Course, an internship of 3 Months in a real environment* is provided. This course is designed to those who want to have real industry experience. Student will cover all the 6 months Culinary Course and then go for a 3 Months Internship in a real environment where they get to enhance their skills and implement the things learned at school.

Terms and Conditions Apply

* Real environment could include restaurants, café or hotel depending on the requirements and the availability. The students cannot demand where to intern as it is never certain where the vacancy is available.