Lainchour, Kathmandu, Nepal

Diploma Programme

Diploma in International Culinary Arts, also known as DICA is a specially designed course for students who want to specialize in food production. Students who have completed their SEE are eligible to apply for the DICA program.

It is a two year program with four semesters, where three semesters will be conducted at Silver Mountain’s state of the art facilities at Lainchour. For the remaining one semester (fourth), students conduct their internship at luxury hotels. After completion of their fourth semester students will be awarded with Dual Certificate Program (Diploma in International Culinary Arts from American Hospitality Academy, USA and Commercial Cooking & Baking Course from CTEVT, Nepal).

Our highlights are:

  • State of art kitchen and facilities, with courses taught by industry experts
  • 100% Internship Placement (without any extra costs)
  •  International diploma for economical value