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Vegan Cooking Workshop successfully held


Vegan Cooking Workshop successfully held at Silver Mountain School of Hotel Management conducted by "Chef Justine Rist", France. She started cooking in 2008 and completed her apprenticeship in 2011. She has worked at Michelin Star Restaurant, France from 2010 to 2012 and at Le Bistro des Saveurs, Obernai after that. She has also worked in Australia and Japan for a year each. She became a vegan a year back. Since then she has been an activist for animals rights and so she started vegan workshops.

In her own words about the workshop, " Students were very interested and very surprised of all the things we can do cooking vegan food."

Considering the state of our environment and the world at large is in, teaching people how to cook vegan is of utmost importance. The future of our planet is reliant on one simple every day task: the food we eat. The quickest and easiest way to convince people to transition to a plant based diet is to present them with meals which do not compromise on taste, texture, quality or health. Vegan cooking not only offers an infinite amount of possibilities but also challenges the creativity which lurks in every Chef.

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