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Anil Dura concocts a ‘Smokey Coriander’


Anil Dura took classes in the art of mixing drinks at Kathmandu Flair Bartending Academy, Shankhamul, even as he was completing his undergrad degree at the Silver Mountain School of Hotel Management. Today, in order to stay on top of the game, Dura, 24, often watches various YouTube videos of cocktail recipes. “I am inspired by renowned bartender Alexander Stefanov,” says Dura. Dura is today not just a professional bartender but a mixology teacher at Kathmandu Flair Bartending Academy as well. 


Dura’s mixology philosophy

Dura believes that a bartender should always be passionate about his craft and keen to learn how to mix new drinks. He also believes that bartenders need to be so meticulous that they don’t overlook even the smallest details—such as garnishing—and that they need to be exceedingly particular about presentation.  

Dura’s mixology chops

On this week’s Ruslan Chill Companion, Dura made a perfect summer drink to beat the heat; he named his drink ‘Smokey Coriander’. The drink derived its sourness from lemons and its freshness from coriander. To concoct the mix, Dura first smoked out a glass, poured in some Ruslan Vodka, followed up with coriander and a few lemons, added an egg white and then shook all the ingredients to create a perfectly foamy mix. Dura says this was his second attempt at making the drink and that he was trying to create a unique summer drink. 


2 ounces of Ruslan Vodka
3-4 chunks of lemon
Half a sprig of coriander
Egg white