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Orientation program at Silver Mountain

The orientation program at Silver Mountain School of Hotel Management was a little different this year than previous years. Instead of doing it for just three days, the orientation program this year extended for ten days. It was exciting, fun and gave the new comers enough time to interact with each other before the formal classes begun.

The first day, which took place at Nepal Tourism Board, had guests from hospitality fields along with Principal, Mr. Samir Thapa and other members to welcome the new batch in SMSH with a general introduction of hospitality industry and what will it take to survive in this industry. Hosted by Pranesh Manandhar of BHM seventh semester, the event was very inspiring and gave a powerful introduction of the industry to the students who are going to be a part of it.

From day two to day nine, the orientation program took place in the school itself. With different interactive activities and guests from different sectors apart from hospitality industry coming up to share their experiences and knowledge with the students to help them understand the importance of being a good human being along with following your dreams and goals in life. Seniors from third and seventh semesters also helped new students understand what life from this step forward is going to be like by sharing their experiences.

Different skills that students would need in the days to come like group discussions, presentations, grooming, safety and others were all practiced in these eight days of orientation. These kinds of activities helped the new comers prepare themselves mentally for the days ahead in Silver Mountain. Finally, on the tenth day students were taken to Basantapur Durbar Square as a part of outing. Students got to know each other better outside school atmosphere and also learnt something about our history and culture. It also helped the students loosen up before the classes formally begun