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Short term Courses



Students will learn the basic culinary skills to prepare food. Importance is on perfecting basic cutting skills, recipe utilization, cooking methods, food safety.


F&B Service

Students are trained in the service methods and learn everything from setting tables, to seating guests, to taking orders, to serving drinks, serving plates of food, clearing tables and billing.

Bartending Course

Students are also trained in basic bartending skills. You will learn how to set up a bar for service, take drink orders and then prepare and serve alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks, including Cocktails.


Wine Appreciation

The course provides the basic yet critical skills to wine appreciation and wine evaluation. A selection of wines will be deployed for tasting and illustration purposes throughout the course.


Dining Etiquette

In this course, students will learn the essentials of appropriate dining skills and manners. These manners are vital to participants both in their personal and professional lives.


Barista Training

Barista training is offered to the students as well as individual seeking to learn coffee and tea making.Both wine tasting and barista training are offered to Silver Mountain students as part of their regular classes.
Silver Mountain is affiliated with UNIVCERSITA del CAFFE Italy to run its Barista courses in Nepal